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Jonathan Lee Mortenson:

Jon Lee Mortenson

  Jonathan has spent two decades photographing ALL 63 U.S. National Parks, 47 States, and 63 major cities in multiple seasons. Many travelers stop in at the parks for a brief visit. Jonathan lets himself be absorbed into the landscape and capture images that require enormous patience and commitment.

  He has thousands of credits including 272 cover photos featured on a variety of publications. Distribution of his work spans five continents.

 Jonathan is a Full-time Professional Photographer driven by his fascination with nature and his love for travel.


  Now that the quality of digital has surpassed film in many ways, He almost exclusively uses Nikon digital. His love for Mamiya 7 medium format, and 4x5 Large format film will always be a treasured experience. "there is nothing iike gazing upon a brilliant 4x5 transparency on the light table", says Jonathan. Fujichrome Velvia of course.


  He is also a drummer. His drumming can be heard on two albums. One is a rock band called Dark Horse and you can find this album online, search for the album title which is "Guts Before Glory" featured in the Rockumentaries, "Driver 23" and "The Atlas Moth". He is also featured on a Christian album "The Elim Project" and has played live with several bands for many years since he was 18.


  Dark Horse is featured in two award winning Rockumentary films called "Driver 23" and "The Atlas Moth". The Atlas Moth features Jonathan's photography and drumming.






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